ProductGraphene - Heat dissipation sheet

Characteristic of Graphene Heat dissipation sheet

  • Non-peeling performance
  • Non-dust performance
  • Shortening process performance
  • Safety Performance
  • Low Price
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Thin Lightweight
  • Flexibility (high refractive index)

Gadiant, Technology Business Project

  • 1. Carbon layer electron microscopy (SEM) analysis

    그래핀 열저감시트 가디안트 탄소 층 전자현미경(SEM)분석 이미지
    Carbon layer C 96.35%, O 3.65% (atomic%)
  • 2. Breakage test

    그래핀 열저감시트 가디안트 파손시험 이미지
    Smart phone attached to the AP surface was taken.
  • 3. Thermal conductivity (carbon) material forming the structure
    - Peeling causes structural differences -

    그래핀 열저감시트 가디안트 열전도성 (탄소)체 형성구조
  • 4. Advantages of working Gadiant

    Does not generate dust can be omitted and film lamination and molding operations

    (Conventional graphite sheet is concerned that such a shock or equipment malfunction and cause a molded graphite dust falling adhesive tape when exposed to moisture.)

  • 5. The thermal imaging infrared camera (IR) analysis

    그래핀 열저감시트 가디안트의스마트폰 작동 시 발열체(AP)표면에서의  방열상태 IR 분석
    • Test method: heating element (AP) maid exposed surface and heat dissipation sheet into three equal parts on the surface "Gadiant" graphite sheet with adhesive and FLUKE VT02 (IR) were taken with a thermal imager.
    • - Changing the position in order to reduce the error of the result was two times the assay.
  • 6. Copper sheet (pure Cu) Heat dissipation and performance comparison of 'Graphene Heat dissipation sheet'

    그래핀 열저감시트 가디안트의 동박(순수Cu)와 그래핀 열저감 시트의 방열성 비교
    • Test method : 'Gadiant "with copper sheet (pure Cu) smartphones heating element (AP) attached to the surface at the same time and were taken to the IR thermal imaging camera.
    • Results : copper sheet is seen as striking blue heat dissipation is very low
    • * Copper sheet (Cu) is heavier than four times higher than the "Gadiant" 2.2 in specific gravity 8.96
    • * Copper corrosion occurs and by long-term use in oxygen, moisture.
  • 7.SMP (smartphone) Heat dissipation is also experimental structure

    SMP: Smartphones (side) B: test tube S1 Heat dissipation sheet (AP surfaceattachment  ) S2: Heat dissipation sheet (attached to the inner surface casing), T1: LCD upper face (AP part) attached sensor T2: AP proximity sensors attached to the lower surface T3: case internal intrusion sensor T4: LCD sensor attached to the lower surface
  • 8. Datalogger / Heat dissipation performance comparison test data

    T1: LCD surface (AP) upper / T2: AP outside / T3: case inside / T4: LCD surface
    • - 32 ℃ in the environment inside the smartphone
    • - maximum temperature after 25 minutes movie
    • - The lower heat dissipation effect is excellent
  • 9. Heat dissipation principle schematic diagram of the test smartphones

    S1 = base Heat dissipation sheet (surface heating element attached), S2 = second heat dissipation sheet (attached to the inner surface cover)
  • 10. Gadiant : Heat dissipation sheet configuration

    GRADE NO : GD200
    * Possible thickness control on the order